Feature Timber….

Whilst the love affair with timber décor in the rest of the house may have started to fade. Timber features in bathrooms and kitchens is still very much in vogue. Choosing recycled, solid or veneer timber can be an attractive way to add style and elegance to your bathroom space.

Although a common concern often voiced is the fear of timber either swelling or warping as a result of the usual bathroom moisture there are many ways to utilise timber as an effective and reliable product. With incredible technology now available there is no reason not to incorporate natural products into your bathroom creating a pleasing feature.

Timberline’s impressive new range of timber veneer bathroom furniture is manufactured using an ecofriendly, moisture resistant (MR) board, giving you the best protection against swelling and moisture damage. Each engineered veneer surface provides the beauty of natural timber with a super strong and stable engineered core. With a choice of six colours each surface is manufactured from actual timber, creating a variance of grain pattern and colour and resulting in a genuine appearance that still maintains all water resistant features.  

We are currently displaying Timberline’s elegant Splice Vanity in our showroom alongside an example of some beautiful reclaimed timber showcasing the beauty of adding natural elements to your bathroom.