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Geberit - Sigma - 116.056.KN.1 - Sigma Inwall Round Remote Dual Flush Button - Matt with Chrome Trim

With a rich history of innovative thinking, Geberit has grown to be a market leader throughout the world. Incorporating Swiss know-how and luxury into its advanced range of hidden cisterns and buttons, Geberit enables clean, sophisticated bathroom designs with the highest levels of sustainability.

Geberit provides reliable, discreet behind-the-wall solutions that ensure perfect functionality, outstanding convenience and maximum durability. The buttons are the only visible elements of a concealed cistern. A variety of flushing systems are available, making it possible to find the right product for almost any application. To make it easier to match up the Geberit buttons with the appropriate cisterns, they are each given a “family name” that they share with the cisterns: Sigma, Omega or Kappa.

Working in partnership with leading designers, Geberit’s range of stylish button designs and finishes ensure there is a high quality design option for all contemporary bathroom styles. Geberit buttons combine intelligent function with convenience, ensuring a heightened sense of freshness and cleanliness in the bathroom.

The simplicity of round and square remote buttons add a subtle design impact to a bathroom whilst the choice of flexible installation options allow for a range of button locations up to two metres from the cistern. Suitable for in ceiling, undercounter, in vanity, induct, and inwall installations. NB. *Cistern cannot be serviced through remote buttons. Separate service access required for the cistern.

The Sigma round dual flush button is a functional option when the bathroom design prevents the cistern from being located directly behind the toilet.

Key Features

  • Touchless toilet flush
  • Surface-even button finish
  • Remote flush actuations to be placed anywhere, affording you maximum flexibility
  • Inwall installation
  • Pneumatic Buttons
  • Size: 94mm
  • Suits Sigma cistern
  • Suitable for in ceiling, undercounter, in vanity, induct, and inwall installations
  • Manufactured in Switzerland



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