That Special Finish…

Over the past few years a sharp surge in popularity has seen matt black tapware at the forefront of interior design trends. Recently we are noticing a change in these trends and a strong focus on special finishes that offer more colour such as rose gold, brass, copper or gun metal grey.

Perfectly suited to industrial, classic or even contemporary spaces, tapware manufactured with any special finish can create that stylish centrepiece in your bathroom without being to over the top – a feature that can be easily changed in years to come, allowing you to keep up with the trends without having to completely alter an existing space.  

There are many variations to special finishes from your traditional matt black and rose gold to a more rustic colour such as any of the “Living Colours” offered from Sussex Taps which are designed to mark and patina with age creating a beautiful and unique piece which will enhance any space.

As black and white is still (and always will be) on trend in both bathroom and kitchen design, adding any warm tone such as copper or brass can prevent the harsh contrast often given. As the popularity of customised tapware is increasing many suppliers will now allow you to mix and match special finishes resulting in endless design choices – think rose gold and matt black. Mixing any special finish with Chrome can also allow for the use of chrome accessories without feeling as though you need to continue that flow of colour throughout, an easy way to incorporate colour without breaking the bank!

The technology involved in creating special finishes is intensive and arduous and each part can go through up to 20 different processes to create that ideal finish. Our tapware is manufactured in Australia is electroplated in Melbourne, ensuring each product offered by various suppliers still retains their lengthy warranty period.  

So in short, if you are looking for a way to create some glamour or add an industrial twist to your bathroom or kitchen special finishes are a sure fire way of reflecting light and style. Whether you are making choices for a new build or looking for a quick update to an existing space do some research and consider special finishes you will be amazed at your endless options!